Datura Essential Oil distilled over 3 full moons.

Keep your 3rd eye night vision open and clear.

*1 dram of magic

Night Owl's-Time Traveling Datura Oil

  • Sacred Datura Essential Oil distilled over 3 full moons.

    Open up your Multi-dimensional receptivity in meditation and dream time. Place a dab on your third eye before bed or meditations to enhance your superpowers.

    Datura enhances receptivity on all levels of consciousness, especially in the realms of the collective subconscious,the underworld, and in dreamtime. It enhances shamanic journeys and meditations when placed on the third eye. It supports quantum timeline jumping,and mystical/spiritual experiences.

    Datura helps clarify communication between dimensions. It increases the ability to hear, see, and communicate with guides, angels, and spirit helpers.

    This is a great offering when visiting sacred sites. When used with the right intention this essence can open the site’s multi-dimensional portals for human interaction.

    Have no fear as Owl's oil will keep your spirit open and receptive to messaging in all dimensions of time travel and dream states.

    *THIS oil should NOT be taken orally. This oil is only for 3rd eye usage.

    *1 dram of magic