Osha tincture to heal whatever ails ya. 

2oz of fighting magic

Night Owl's-O-Shaaa, i'm getting sick.

  • This beautiful Osha root comes from Taos, New Mexico which is special place in my heart. It is distilled in vodka and is really powerful for knocking out colds/flu from coming on.

    Osha root has been used by the Native Americans for treating respiratory infections and conditions of the digestive system. Today it is used for treating colds and symptoms of viral infections. Osha root extract also induces sweating for fevers that will not go away and kicks out viral infections before they can become full blown. It is also known as a diuretic and helps to relieve urinary problems like stones and excess retained water. Like other bitter herbs, Osha stimulates appetite "feeds a cold".

    Owl's osha will kick your on coming sickness to the curb and have you back in action in no time.